Savory Snacks

Sometimes you just crave something salty… All Twirling Hippy Confections’ Savory Snacks are Vegan and Gluten Free, and contain less than 3 grams of natural sugars per package, so about 1 gram of sugar per serving… wow thats Atkins friendly and diabetic healthy, but there is no sacrifice of tastiness. The flavors are bold and original, these products make fun add ins to salads, or a delicious snack all by themselves.

Confucius Crunch85Mg Active Solventless THC, s/ CBDs & CBN

“A thoughtful snack”, a super intense spicy kick that is more than medicinal, in fact it will cure the common cold and scare off dragons with matches. Gluten Free Tamari and Sriracha chili sauce medicated glaze on Peanuts, Cashews, Pumpkin Seeds, Sunflower Seeds, and Sesame Seeds! Atkins friendly, 75mg active THC, Vegan!  Hot Damn!

Balsamic and Peppercorn Cashews85Mg Active Solventless THC, s/ CBDs & CBN

Buttery rich Cashews and tangy balsamic, Sham-WOW! this is the perfect snacking treat for your salty days. Get a cold beverage and indulge, there is no guilt here, just healthy happy patients!

Balsamic and Peppercorn Walnuts85Mg Active Solventless THC, s/ CBDs & CBN

a medicated product with a wealth of additional health benefits, Phytonutrients from red wine in the Balsamic Vinegar, Tannins from Walnuts, Peppercorns and Kosher Salt, great nutrition and great taste, diabetics rejoice! When paired with imported cheese and baby greens this is the ultimate salad topper…