Kinship Bars

KINSHIP is more than just a word, it is a way of life; it’s about taking care of Family and living in Harmony with the Earth. We strive to apply the concept of Kinship to all Twirling Hippy Confections edibles, especially our newest line of products the Kinship Bars! At last a tasty treat free of guilt and filled with pleasure! Available in five fantastically original bakery fresh flavors made entirely of dried fruits, seeds and nuts, with no GMOs, no Dairy, no Refined Sugars, no Gluten, no Soy, no Solvents, and NO WORRIES! Each bar has a different health focus, but they are all good eating for any patient. Locally Sourced Honey for allergen relief, & Organic Ingredients, and Compostable Packaging are part of our conscious carbon footprint… Its the perfect edible for a life in Balance!

Afghani Ginger Lemon:  85Mg Active Solventless THC, w/ CBDs & CBN

our Lemon Poppy Seed bar comes with a zippy twist, candied Ginger! Organic lemon oil and ginger are anti-inflammatory to keep painful flare ups at bay and sooth your body inside and out!

Cherry Chocolate Kola:  85Mg Active Solventless THC, w/ CBDs & CBN

Let your Heart go and fall head over healed for this chocolatey treat that is safe for all to eat! Antioxidant rich cherries and walnuts, coconut for lauric acid, and best of all whole cocoa powder for a healthy heart!

Nantucket Nugget:  85Mg Active Solventless THC, w/ CBDs & CBN

Ch-Ch-Ch-Chia! Chia Seeds are healthy and trendy, and vaguely reminiscent of a childhood pet! They’re also the perfect topper to our Orange Cranberry Kinship Bar.  Reminiscent of enjoying a mystical madras topside in some windswept cove. The focus of this bar is Cleansing, with cranberry and chia!

Spiced Harvest Haze:  85Mg Active Solventless THC, w/ CBDs & CBN

This is the most Glycemically Balancing of the Kinship Bars, with cinnamon to balance blood sugar and slow insulin production. Non-sweetened Apples Peaches and Apricots round out the bushel basket of country fresh flavors here.

Tropical Trichrome:  85Mg Active Solventless THC, w/ CBDs & CBN

Mango, Papaya, Pineapple! plus coconut, sesame seed and cashews… Time to get down in the funky jungle of taste and unleash your inner wild thing! This is the fastest acting of the Kinship bars with the added Digestive enzymatic power of bromeliads, tropical fruits.