Flavor of the Month

All Fresh and Seasonal Flavors of the Month are gluten free. extra medicated at no extra cost, and subject to change upon my whims!

January…. Hot Toddy: Start the year off with a bit of warmth and cheer, Vanilla cookie crust, with caramel dulce de leche cheesecake and topped with Toffee bits… creamy :)

February…. Black Forrest: Romance and chocolate cherry cheesecake go hand in hand, so Ladies, this bud is for you, especially if you are single! Inspired by the traditional cake, enjoy Chocolate cookie crust, deep chocolate cheesecake, and a whole black cherry, ringed with walnuts and chocolate chips.

March…. Key Lime: I insist on fresh grated lime zest to flavor my signature Key Lime cheesecakes… amazingly fresh, like the very breath of spring, you will remember this one for months afterwards.

April…. Heart of Dankness: what better way to celebrate the entire month of 4/20 than a super medicated double treat… A triple chocolate cheesecake is topped with chopped Terrapins (our in house made medicated Turtle candies) pecans, and a medicated white chocolate drizzle… we thank you kindly!

May…. Ginger Coconut: I make this flavor for mother’s day because my late mother would have loved the delicate flavor combination of the spicy ginger cheesecake on a gingersnap crust, with the aromatic toasty coconut on top. It’s heavenly.

June… Cherry Warrior: My friend on the left coast and owner of Tainted, Mickey Martin dropped me a note saying he wanted in on the fun of making up flavors, so we named his creation after his Cannabis Warrior blog… Chocolate crust, cherry cheesecake with a whole cherry in the center, and a medicated dark chocolate drizzle topped with medicated white chocolate drizzle, Warriors come out to play-aay…

July… Toffee Iced Coffee: Coffee cheesecake with creamy toffee bits suspended inside, capped with white chocolate chips, atop a chocolate cookie crust. This is the perfect pick me up on a hot summer day, and even better frozen.

August… Palisade Peach: Local organic peaches, thick sliced and rolled in spices and cane sugar, resting on a cloud of creamy vanilla cheesecake atop a gingersnap crust.

September… German Chocolate Cheesecake: September is the month for both the anniversary of the founding of THC, and the owners birthday, we will be offering a different chocolatey creation each September according to our fancy!

October…. Pumpkin Walnut: We bake a fresh pumpkin to begin it all, and make a memorable holiday favorite our own, Delicately spiced Pumpkin cheesecake with a pretty whole walnut on top and a spicy Gingersnap crust… Yummy!

November…. Cranberry Pecan: We make our own spiced whole cranberry sauce from my grandmother’s famous recipe to create this seasonal favorite, then spoon some into the center of THC’s signature cheesecake and ring it with sweet pecans… on a vanilla cookie crust.

December…. Holidank!: Everything but the kitchen sink goes into our end of year extravaganza… Chocolate crust, chocolate cheesecake, pecans, walnuts, caramel, chocolate chips, white chocolate medicated drizzle, and of course sprinkles! happy Holidank indeed!