Handmade Chocolates

We are very pleased to take a moment to tell you about CHOCOLATE!
Twirling Hippy Confections has been making a huge variety of hand made
gourmet chocolates for over a decade now… We use our very own proprietary
recipe to make our exclusive blend of medicated dark and milk chocolate (We
promise it is EVERY bit as good as chocolate you buy at high-end gourmet
chocolate shops). In fact our chocolates have won the Westword Award for
“Best EDIBLES in Colorado” the past 3 years in a row!!!
We offer 14 flavors, so you will be sure to find one you love… and at 65 to
115 mg Active THC you will also find a dosage that works for you!
For the love of god this is deep rich Chocolate so don’t rush or overindulge…
Try a new one every month, until you’ve tried em all.

65 Mg THC Level Flavors…

Almond Bros: Roasted Almonds.
Dark Stars: Cookies and Cream.
Rising Sun: Ginger & Cashew.
Hippy Speedball: Espresso Beans.
Ladies in the Sun: Coconut.
Twist Around: Shortbread & Caramel.

85 Mg THC Level Flavors…

Reefy’s: Crunchy Peanut Butter.
Euphoria: Mint & White Chocolate.
Freshies Crunch: Crispy Rice.
Soulshine: Milk & Dark layers.
Terrapin: Pecans & Caramel.
West Evans Fade Away: Pretzels.

115 Mg THC Flavors…

Triple Crown: White Chocolate & Toffee – 115 Mg THC
Mas Y Mas: Chipotle Chili, Cherries and Pepitas. – 115 Mg THC