Baked Apple Crisp

Twirling Hippy Confections is very proud to bring Colorado patients our most serious medicine yet. Baked Apple Crisp! A timeless American classic, updated for busy Medical Cannabis patients who require a very strong dosage in a reasonable portion size… Gluten
Free, Vegan, made w/ Organic Colorado grown apples, and there are 275 Mg Active solventless THC in each 8 ounce portion. Get the satisfaction of pulling a fresh, piping hot, bubbly cinnamon & apple creation out of your own home oven, but all the dishes you’ll have to wash are the forks! Heart healthy, low in sugar, and high in fiber*… so de-fucking-licious you’ll wonder where we are hiding your grandmother over here… there is absolutely no reason not to indulge! Of Course with a product this tasty and potent you will need to use some willpower and try not to eat it all at once!
*we leave the skins on our organic apples, because that is where the best nutrition lives!