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Design Your Own Custom 9″ Party Cheesecake


Not only are we giving you more meds for your value, now we are making it easier for patients (& budtenders, thank you for all your ard work!) to find the potency you seek. If you’ve never tried a Twirling Hippy confections edible, bear in mind that our naturally fat based infusions are 95% bio-active: so they are comparatively more potent than edible products made with hash which your body must 1st convert to an active lipid based form of THC (at an average rate of 30% to 50%) before obtaining any health benefits. Always remember that the potency of edibles has much more to do with the bio-activity level of the infusion used to medicate any food than the milligrams of THC contained within. We would rather tell you he truth and accurately label your medicine than inflate our numbers artificially. If you don’t think our 65mg is gonna have an impact take the cheesecake challenge: be our guest and try any of our heady edibles today you’ll be pleasantly surprised, if not we will buy you a *preroll from your MMC!

We promise to relieve your pain and delight your tastebuds.

Green Top Labels: Tier One, range of 50-60 mg Active THC…

Includes standard graham cracker crust Cheesecakes, and a majority of Chocolate flavors.

Purple Top Labels: Tier Two, range of 70-85 mg Active THC…

includes Kinship Bars, Balsamic Nuts, Confucius Crunch, and German Chocolate Cheesecakes.

Pink Top Labels: Tier Three, range of 100-125 mg Active THC…

Includes Medallion Core Cheesecakes & Flavors of the Month, and Triple Crown Chocolates.



* Limit one per customer, licensed Colorado MMJ registry patients only. base-price preroll must be purchased from MMC that originally sold Twirling Hippy Confections